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Equine Law

There is almost nothing more beautiful than watching a horse gallop through the fields on a summer day.  However, there is also not much more frustrating than legal issues associated with a purchase or a lease of a horse that has gone wrong.  Buyers and sellers can be left angry and resentful when legal issues arise.  


And, training barns, lesson programs, and breeding programs have legal needs just like any other business.   With the right legal advice, you can protect your horse related business, allowing it to thrive.   Using a lawyer who knows both the legal world of small business as well as the horse world is critical for the speedy analysis of legal issues to make great, cost effective business recommendations.  

Practice Areas

Business Law

Big businesses have in-house legal departments to help with all their legal needs.  Smaller businesses do not have the luxury of being able to "call Legal"  and your legal needs are no less critical.  With an eye always on the bottom line, the Law Offices of Christine Caspers can help you with almost every business law need imaginable.  Whether you would like to arrange a per hour, per project or monthly retainer arrangement, meeting your legal needs are just a phone call away.  

Advertising/Direct Selling Law

 The worlds of advertising and direct selling are exciting ones.  But both are fraught with deep potholes.  If you or your business is unaware of the potential complications, you could find yourself in a difficult spot.  Between social media platforms, print advertising, sweepstakes, coupons, comparative advertising and use of celebrity photos, without knowing the guardrails, businesses can easily misstep.    Direct selling law is similar.  The potential issues can be significant.

 Having handled all aspects of advertising legal work for direct selling companies, the Law Offices of Christine Caspers is your go to place for advertising and direct selling law solutions.  From reviewing advertising copy, assessing legal risk with marketing strategies, to drafting independent contractor contracts to handling intellectual property issues, call us for the right sized solution.


Employment Law

Drafting an employment handbook?  Facing a sticky situation that requires an investigation into inappropriate work place behavior?  Trying to terminate an employee?  Thinking about a layoff? Taking action without obtaining legal advice can put your business at risk for a lawsuit.  The world of employment law can be confusing, complicated and frustrating.  


Businesses of any size can benefit from aligning themselves with a smart lawyer that knows all aspects of employment law.  By focusing on  the key issues for resolution and crafting the right solution the first time, a lawyer can bring your problem to solution more efficiently.  For over 25 years, Christy Caspers has faced almost every employment situation and has offered clear advice through practical business solutions.  Let her experience, background and expertise help your business go from problem to solution so you can get back to business.